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HealthQnect is a global network and solutions that offers Corporate Wellness, Vaccinations and proven Covid-19 PCR tests worldwide.

Our services help companies and their employees to evaluate and understand the health risks they may face. A clear strategy for wellness and health programs is becoming a mainstay for companies around the world. These programs can significantly reduce the cost of corporate personnel services by increasing employee wellbeing, reducing absenteeism, and increasing efficiency and productivity.
We position ourselves as a “turn key” service provider for global home tests and sample collections at workplace.

Corporate wellness

Employee wellness programs.

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Flu Vaccinations

International coverage.

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Covid-19 PCR Tests

Covid-19 PCR tests worldwide.

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“Wherever your company is situated in the world, we come to you to carry out your wellness testing needs. ”


Increased laboratory capacity in Vancouver, Canada for Covid-19 PCR tests.

In partnership with First Wellness testing, Omega Laboratories Inc has established a new laboratory in Vancouver, Canada that offers (RT-PCR) testing for COVID-19.

First Wellness Testing has since August 2020 been providing a turn-key solution for various TV and film productions in Canada to conduct their Covid-19 testing program.

The new established Omega Laboratories in Vancouver has been accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, Department of Accreditations (DAP Approval).

First Wellness Testing, Omega laboratories and our local partner Ultima Medical Service provides the highest level of Covid-19 testing service to the TV and Film industry in Canada. We offer a turn-key solution, with fast turn-around-time. We provide a highly streamlined process that ensures efficient data management and reliable reporting of results.

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Flu Vaccination Program benefits

We have been delivering flu vaccinations during last five years and have tripled the size of their flu vaccination network in the last two years. We can attribute this exceptional service to client satisfaction and also fair pricing. We are able to provide flu vaccines through our established providers around the world, including countries in both hemispheres.

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Our values

First Wellness Testing (FWT) and all our subsidiaries takes responsibility for its role in the global society, environment, local communities and all people that we work with. Read more about our values.

We take responsibility.
FWT business area Healthqnect takes responsibility for its role in the global society, environment, local communities and all people that we work with.
We focus on people.
We strive to operate a socially, ethically and environmentally sound business with focus on People (Human Capital/Community), Planet (Natural Capital) and Profit (Economy).
We are dedicated.
Healthqnect is dedicated to improve global health and wellbeing by providing convenient and high quality on-site health and wellness services to employer groups and consumers.

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